6`0 Throwback SSC 38.9 L


Retro Twin Fin Fish

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The Throwback Model is our modern interpretation of the classic Retro Twin Fin Fish developed in the 70?s. We?ve been refining this model for over 15 years and it is designed to cater to a wide variety of surfers and conditions.

It works really well in smaller surf due to the wider outline, wider tail and generally low and gradual rocker to help it plane, generate speed and project through flat sections. It also holds a line really well in steeper surf due to the straighter outline thru the back half of the board and thinned out refined retro swallow tail allowing it to easily engage and hold into faster waves.

It?s a great board for anyone stepping down from a bigger board as the general width of the outline and tail offer plenty of stability in any type of surf and if you?re looking for a bit of change from your performance shortboard or lower volume groveler ? this a great alternative to a longboard or mid length to catch a ton of waves and surf smaller, lower quality waves with a lot more response.

The rocker is fairly gradual throughout the board, medium gradual entry rocker for easy paddling to get into more waves. This board has more tail rocker as compared to most retro fish, this allows for more responsive maneuverability and tighter radius turns. The overall width of the tail creates plenty of speed and this is countered by the curvature in the tail rocker as well as the vee off the back. This board has a light single concave thru the belly, removing a bit of the rocker and therefore increasing planing power, which then goes into a double concave and vee.

The rails are more of a full/ mid modern shortboard rail ? since this board gets most of its stability from its fuller outline, we decided to put a lower rail on it increasing its hold and also sensitivity and rail to rail performance. The board has a hard edge thru the tail allowing it to hold into steeper surf and grip off bottom turns and project down the line and into turns.

The fin placement is just slightly forward of classic retro keel twin fins, this makes the board more maneuverable since most of the fins that will be used in this board have a larger base and more surface area which will generate plenty of hold and drive.

This board flys down the line, generates speed easily and is great for more fluid and creative surfing. A great fit for any quiver and its never a bad idea to have a fish on hand.

Snag one here or you can always pick a day and time to design one online specifically catered to you with our shapers : https://solidsurf.co/custom-order/#bookcappointment

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