6`2 Rising Sun SSC 37.5 L


Retro Stinger Single Fin

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Bringing back the stinger single fins with a vengeance. We talk alot about putting a little more volume under the chest, pull in the tail, yada yada… rewind 20-30 years and its been done before. Shaped for fun a few years ago to see how it went and we were shocked at how versatile this thing was. From mushy, meager beach breaks, to pumping desert point and blacks – this thing delivers. Full front end gets you into waves with ease, flat deck offers plenty of stability and down rails lots of hold – not to mention the pulled in thinned out tail, drastically brought in by the wing – this thing maneuvers like a dream as a single fin and screams down the line. Feel something new and fall in love with a single fin with this renewed version of the classic stinger.

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